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Creating an attractive business environment

Attracting Business

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Creating an Attractive Business Environment

Construction is directly responsible for over 52,000 jobs in Manitoba. Supporting this sector is critical for Manitoba’s growth and economy.

Prompt Payment for the Construction Industry

  • WCA supports Prompt Payment Legislation for Manitoba. The industry overwhelmingly recognizes the need for well-drafted prompt payment legislation, and this is a major priority for WCA.

  • The Manitoba Law Reform Commission has proposed amendments to the Builders’ Liens Act. The MLRC report recommends many updates to the Builders’ Liens Act including adopting prompt payment and adjudication provisions similar to the approach taken on Ontario and Saskatchewan.

  • Taking the approach outlined in the MLRC report, with the opportunity for industry to provide amendments, will not only deliver prompt payment to Manitoba but will have the added benefit of consistency across provinces and make sure the interactions between prompt payment, adjudication and liens provisions are effective and work together.

  • In the absence of a government willing to undertake a BLA review, we see a Private Member’s bill as a viable alternative to make sure Manitoba gets a prompt payment regime.

Building Permit and Inspection Improvements

  • Recently, the Manitoba Treasury Board Secretariat released a list of 12 recommendations which were a result of industry consultation conducted in May 2019. One of the recommendations was to establish service standards for permitting and planning. 

  • WCA would support a workable approach to reducing the existing permitting times. Permit delays can create a significant increase in construction costs to the owner and scheduling difficulties for the general contractor and sub-contractors.

  • The report also recommended that inspections be more consistent across the province.  Improved consistency in inspections will provide benefits to the builders and owners ensuring all buildings are built to code and not needlessly delayed.

Check out the video below to hear WCA Chair Peter Grose on Creating and Attractive Business Environment: