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Investing in Infrastructure

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Investing in Infrastructure

There is a serious infrastructure deficit in Manitoba, with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities listing this deficit at $11 billion. Manitobans are calling out for a renewed focus on quality of life infrastructure projects, such as hospitals, aged-care facilities, housing and schools. These vital projects need provincial investment to become realities.

Increased investment into Schools, Hospitals and Aged Care facilities

  • The recent federal Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) report on infrastructure investment related to the Investing In Canada Plan (IICP) announced in 2016 found that some provinces, including Manitoba, were less likely to match federal investments for projects to proceed. This essentially means Manitoba is leaving federal money earmarked for infrastructure on the table.

  • Public money is needed for building schools, hospitals, aged care facilities and other infrastructure vital to the public. A reduction in capital spending has real world implications for quality of life in Manitoba and construction business prospects.  If this money is left on the table then there is important infrastructure left unbuilt.

  • WCA wants to see all levels of government work in concert with private industry to construct world-class buildings for Manitobans and our guests. Our members are the best in the business and are ready and willing to deliver the critical institutional infrastructure needed by Manitobans.

Check out the video below to hear Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba rep James Gibson on Investing in Infrastructure.